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Posted on: 2/1/2017 by Classic Specialist
Once you make the decision to buy a classic car, it's important to know ten important rules before finalizing the purchase. By following these rules, you'll ensure that you've covered all your bases, right down to the classic car insurance and the upkeep of the vehicle. But before you get started, you should consider your reasons for buying a classic car in the first place: Is it because you're planning to make a hobby out of car collecting? Or are you looking to make an investment?  Read More
Posted on: 4/26/2016 by Car Guy
The Chevrolet Corvair was one of the company‚Äôs best-known compact cars between 1960 and 1969. While its legacy was tarnished by a number of issues surrounding its handling, the Corvair became quite popular, and today, many collectors and classic car aficionados still love the Chevy Corvair. The history behind this car unveils why it is so popular and why its lifespan was cut short.  Read More
Posted on: 5/5/2015 by Car Guy
One of the most popular Chevrolet cars is the Chevy Camaro. This muscle car first hit the market on September 29, 1966. Chevy launched the Camaro to directly compete with the Ford Mustang. Development began in 1965 and was presented to the public in June of 1966. The name continued the tradition of naming all Chevy's with a name that started with C. According to rumors, the name was found in a French/English dictionary, where 'camaro' translates to 'friend.' However, it's not a French word, and the story is most likely not true.  Read More
Posted on: 4/22/2015 by Car Guy
The Dodge Charger was one of the most popular cars during the muscle car era, but after its fifth generation, the car vanished. Between 1987 and 2006, Charger fans were left with nothing but the occasional rumor of a new concept car or talk of a revival. In 2006, however, the new Dodge Charger was unveiled, and once again, the car has become very popular.   Read More
Posted on: 2/12/2015 by Car Guy
MG, which stands for Morris Garages, is a British sports car brand that has been manufactured since 1924. A division of Morris Motors, the MG brand was initially created as a dealer for Morris Motors vehicles in Oxford. However, they soon began designing and selling modified versions of these vehicles.  Read More