The Garage: Classic Car Talk

Posted on: 11/10/2018 by Car Guy
If you're searching for a classic car or if you're digging into the history of an older vehicle you're interested in buying or already own, the first step is to locate a VIN number.Read on to learn how to find the VIN on a vehicle.  Read More
Posted on: 6/15/2018 by Car Guy
Classic cars are given a rating of 1 - 6 to classify their condition. Understanding what these ratings mean can help you understand the true value of a vintage vehicle.   Read More
Posted on: 5/1/2018 by Car Guy
Classic automobiles aren't like today's vehicles. They generally lack uniformity which makes them unique, but might present problems when you're trying to figure out if the vehicle is 100% original.  Read More
Posted on: 4/4/2018 by Car Guy
There's something about classic vehicles that draw people in like moths to a flame. No one can explain it. Newer cars have better MPG, tend to run smoother, and have better technology amongst other advantages. Why would anyone want a classic vehicle in the first place? They even cost more money to acquire and maintain!   Read More
Posted on: 2/12/2018 by Car Guy
There's a bit of a rumor out there that classic vehicles that you can use as daily drivers are rare and expensive. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are plenty of classic cars that you can still use on a daily basis that are just as affordable as they are reliable. Before you hop into the market looking for your next classic vehicle, there are a few things you have to ask yourself: How rare is the vehicle? How expensive is it? How available are parts if something goes wrong? How much fun is it to drive? To help you narrow your search, we've compiled a list of the top 20 classic cars to drive daily. Let's take a look.  Read More
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