Thinking about detailing your classic car? There are a number of different things you could do, but before you start, how about taking a look at what some of the professionals have done to their vintage vehicles? Here are some detailing tips that might give you some great ideas for your classic car.

  1. Be certain to always read the directions on any products you're using. Every product is a little bit different, so you want to make certain you know exactly how to use it. You don't want to do any damage to your vehicle. Remember, antique car insurance doesn't cover user error!
  2. Use two buckets when washing your car. Fill one with rinse water and one with a mixture of soap and water. The trick is to rinse your wash brush or mitt in the plain water before you dip it in the soap. This way, the grit and dust in your brush will come off in the plain water and you won't be scrubbing it back into the paint.
  3. Don't wait for spots to set in. Instead, carry a small bottle of spray detailer and a good microfiber cloth so you can take care of any spots or stains right away.
  4. Along those same lines, did you know you can use plain, simple WD-40 to remove bug spots or tar stains? It's much cheaper than buying products aimed at spot removal. Just remember that you'll need to apply another coat of wax to the spots you clean.
  5. For cleaning your interior, the pros suggest putting aside those expensive brand cleaners. Instead, create a mixture of one part Woolite to six parts water. This gentle cleanser will work its magic while being gentle enough to not damage any parts of your car. Your antique car insurance may not help you at all if your cleaning solution does the damage.
  6. Don't immediately go for the strongest wheel cleaner. The reason for this is that wheel cleaner tends to also end up all over other parts, such as the rotors and brake calipers, and it can cause some problems there. Instead, start with soap and, if necessary, then move on to more powerful solutions.
  7. Can't tell where that streak on your window is? One tip is to wipe horizontally on one side of the glass and vertically on the other. This way, you can tell if you need to redo the interior or exterior of the glass.
  8. One of the most important rules of detailing is to remember that it's all in the preparation. Know what products to use, how to use them, and when to use them. Simply washing and waxing a car isn't enough--you need to wash and wax it the right way.

  With these pro tips, you should be ready to give your antique car look amazing. Remember, though, to make certain your vintage car insurance is up to date so after your detailing is done, your car is protected.