Is Your Classic Car Damaged?
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Nothing’s worse than damaging a classic car. Not only will you have to track down the parts, but things are likely going to get expensive. If you’re attempting to do a complete car restoration, there are many places to find parts for a collector vehicle if you know where to look. Check out 9 of the best places to help you fixed your damaged classic car!

Swap Meets

Swap meets are an excellent place to hunt down parts for your vintage car. Sellers pay for floor space so that buyers can browse their wares. Some of the bigger swap meets easily house hundreds of tents so don’t be surprised if you’re a bit overwhelmed at first. If you’re relatively new to the world of classic car restoration, a swap meet should be one of the first places that you visit. Even if you’re unable to find the part that you need, you’ll be able to chat with hundreds of sellers and possibly thousands of car enthusiasts who should be able to point you in the right direction.

Brick and Mortar Stores

Yes, there are still locations in this country where you can drive to a storefront, purchase a part and be on your way. The primary advantage of visiting a brick and mortar store is that you’ll be able to pick the brains of paid experts. Even if the part isn’t in stock, the staff should be able to help you track down the part you need. Also, it’s common courtesy to purchase from the expert who helped you track down the part that you were searching for. It’s simply not fair to pick the brains of an expert and purchase the part somewhere else on your own.

Online Forums

You can’t forget about the power of the internet. There is always someone else that has searched for the same part you’re looking for and it’s best to learn from those who have dealt with similar struggles to your own. The beauty of online forums is that they tend to be hyper-specific. The best way to find these forums is to do a Google search on the make and model of your vehicle with the word “forum” appended to the end. Hopefully, you’ll find a lively thread and obtain the information you need to track down the parts that you‘re seeking.

Knock-off Manufacturers

Let’s say you can’t find the part that you need from an authentic manufacturer. The dilemma that you now face is whether or not you should purchase a knock-off part. What you should consider before going down this route is how authentic do you want your vehicle to be? Which part will you be replacing? What is the quality of the knockoff? Even if you’re able to find the part that you need from an authentic manufacturer, buying a knock-off part may save you a bit of money. Furthermore, are you simply looking for a part for aesthetical purposes, or do you use your vehicle as a daily driver and just need it to run?  Keep all of these things in mind when dealing with knock-off manufacturers

Classic Car Magazines

If you’re looking for ideas, picking up a copy of “Antique Car Times” just might be the solution that you need. Classic car magazines tend to be chalk full of “how to” advice from experts and there are sure to be ads from businesses that specialize in servicing collector classic cars and classic car parts.

Classic Car Magazines
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Wrecking Services and Auto Body Shops

Thousands of vehicles are totaled on highways every year. Where do you think the husks of these vehicles are sent? The answer is junkyards, but they’re often sent through a wrecking service or auto body shop first. Don’t be surprised if the wrecking service hangs on to a few valuable pieces that may come through their shop. There is a broad range of wrecking services out there. It can simply be an individual in a truck who stocks their garage with the best parts or it can be a 100-acre junkyard with fleets of trucks at their command.

Clubs and Organizations

The truth is that no one cares about your vehicle as much as you dounless you join a club or organization full of car collecting fanatics like yourself. There’s nothing like associating with other individuals who enjoy the same things that you do. Connecting with clubs and organizations are great ways to obtain general information on what type of classic car insurance to get and where to find original replacement parts. Don’t be surprised if you’re pointed in the right direction after a single visit!    

Online Dealers

As stated before, the internet will be your greatest resource when it comes to tracking down parts for your classic car. A quick search will turn up hundreds if not thousands of dealers with searchable databases of antique car parts. Many databases will allow you to search by make, model and year. It most certainly doesn’t get more specific than that and in most cases, you can have it shipped to you in just a  few days if you’re willing to pay the extra shipping fees.

Online Dealers
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Online Auctions

You can also save plenty of time by visiting eBay’s online website. eBay has practically anything and everything that you can imagine. Since online dealers commonly compete with wrecking yards and private sellers, there’s a good chance you’ll find an excellent deal on parts for your classic car during one of many online auctions. Just remember to read the reviews on the seller that you’re purchasing the part from to ensure that person is trustworthy.

At the end of the day,it doesn’t matter if you’re a classic auto collector or simply researching parts for a friend.As long as you conduct the proper research with any of these 9 outlets, you’ll be sure to quickly find the parts you need to repair your damaged classic car.